We have corresponded with success in the construction of nine (-9-) Olympic Projects coming by know-how and experience unique in constructional field, cooperating with equivalent companies of abroad where it was necessary. We have created with very careful steps the conditions for extension of our activities in the under integration Balkan countries. We are extending in the private constructions developing a program of models of rural residences. Also we are carrying out in cooperation with a firm of abroad a program of Planning, Constructing, Financing and Operating small Hydroelectric Units of Production of Electric Energy Out.

The construction activities of KOURTIDIS Group cover a significant spectrum of works, such as:

Α) Buildings:
- Public buildings: military facilities, offices, working class residential block of flats, hospitals, schools, theaters, sports facilities, etc.
- Private works: Luxury residences, offices and shops.
B) Infrastructure Works:
- PPC (Public Power Corporation) - IOA (Greek Telecommunications) - EYDAP (Water Supply and Sewage Company of Athens) - Gas Networks
- Technical works
- Harbor works
- Road works
- Hydraulic works
Specifically concerning the infrastructure works all the mechanical equipment that is required for their implementation is privately owned.
The quality standards of our construction works fully meet the requirements of our clients; thus, there is a relationship of absolute trust and reliability with the owners of the Projects.
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