KOURTIDIS Group has completed thirty years of creative and successful presence in the construction field of Public and Private Works.
In 1974 Mr. Konstantinos Kourtidis, Chairman of the Group of Companies, founded the company with minimal funds. Following the initial company growth in 1983 the privately owned company became a Public Limited Liability Company (Societe Anonyme) entitled K. KOURTIDIS S.A.; since then, a dymamic Group of Companies with a long-term and successful evolution in the construction field of both Public and Private Works in Greece and abroad has been established.
K. KOURTIDIS S.A., the parent company, is registered in the Registry of Greek Construction Companies (MEEP) with a Class 6 (Class 7 is the highest possible) licence since January 2003 and is one of the major companies of the construction field. K. KOURTIDIS S.A. is one of the first construction companies to be certified with ISO 9001: 2000/ EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Certificate since 1997.
A subsidiary company, HYDRODYNAMIC S.A., was established in 1988. The company's activities are the construction of Public Works (holds a Class 3 Licence), and imports and exports sanitary items and tiles.
In 2004 KOURTIDIS Group expanded its activities in Greece through the establishment of ALFA FOUNDATION S.A., which its core business is real estate, as well as in the developing Balkan Region through the establishment of PONTOS DEVELOPMENT AD in Bulgaria and KOURTIDIS ROMANIA S.R.L. in Romania, with their core business in the construction of public and private works.
The headquarters of KOURTIDIS Group is located in Koridallos, a suburb of Athens, in an owned building of a total area of approximately 1000m².
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