We, the people of KOURTIDIS Group, with enthusiasm, spirit and a lot of work, have put together a small history. In a period of thirty years, having as our guide consistency, diligence, responsibility, we have assembled a group of people capable of facing today, from a simple construction to the most complex project, acquiring at the same time the appropriate mechanical equipment and always ready to face any great challenge.
In this exact effort, we have renewed and complemented the executives of our company with skilled engineers that have the willingness and the spirit to meet with the demands and the opportunities that arise in the European Union environment.
Closing, I would like to emphasize on the fact that for us the most important fund of our company is it's people, who do not work for us, but with us and as long as they continue to work with the same enthusiasm, our future successful course is ensured.
Our progress so far has created the conditions for future success for which we shall try, having as our rule that the success is synonym with the will for creation, with the consistence in the effort to achieve our goals and with our love for the object of our activities.

With kind regards
The President of Kourtidis Group

Konstantinos Kourtidis