K.Kourtidis S.A. microtunnelling division specializes in pipe-jacking.

Microtunnelling is an innovative technique of installing small diameter underground pipelines using trenchless(nodedig) technologies as pipe jacking.

K.Kourtidis S.A. has extensive experience in installing pipelines (D.I. 600 - 1.200mm) using pipe jacking methods for the following installations:

  • Sewerage
  • Storm water
  • Cable pass

The machinery we provide for pipe jacking is privately owned to the company which also provides specialized technical staff with great experience in drilling. Moreover, the macinery we use is fully remote controlled from ground level.

In the pipe jacking process powerful hydraulic jacks (jacking frame) are used to push specially designed pipes through the ground behind the headline machine at the same time as excavation is taking place within the machine. The excavated material is transferred to a separation plant by water circuit and centrifugal pumps, where the soil material is separated from the water which returns to the TBM.

The jacking frame is installed in the launch shaft. The thrust cylinders are retracted after they have reached their final position. The next tunneling pipe is let down into the launch shaft, installed and then pushed forward. This process is repeated until the target shaft has been reached.

The method of pipe jacking provides a flexible, structural, watertight, completed pipeline as the tunnel is excavated.

Advantages of Pipe jacking

  • Minimum disturbance to the traffic flow and way of living in the affected area
  • Potentially applied in underground water installations
  • Easily applied and ideal in depths over 5m.
  • Reduced environmental disturbance
  • Can be used in virtually any soil
  • Widely used for crossing under sensitive installations
  • Lengths of drive are virtually unlimited
  • Accuracy of plus or minus 1 inch (25mm) and even more if demanded
  • Fast and only a small labor force required
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