As far as the construction of Olympic Facilities, a real challenge for the Greek construction field, our Group of Companies responded by its dynamic presence and met successfully the target of the timely and flawless completion of the following nine (-9-) Olympic Projects we undertook to construct either as Prime Contractors or Subcontractors:

Construction of 144 residencies in the Olympic Village Complex including the infrastructure works within an area of 14.500 m², year 2004

Construction of Kanoe-Slalom Complex Centre in Elliniko city, in Athens, within a land area of 288.000 m², year 2004

Complete construction overhaul of an Education building to a Hotel for the Staff of the Olympic Press with the necessary follow-up construction works to become the Ministry of Education, total area of 38.000 m², year 2004

Construction of Athletic Facilities (two Gymnastic Halls, four tennis courts, a football stadium, track and field installations and an open swimming pool built according to Olympic standards), within an area of 31.015 m², year 2004

Construction of the Main Fire Station Installations in the Olympic Village, year 2004

Design, construction and procurement of Medical Equipment for the Polyclinic of Olympic Village, total area 6.100 m², year 2004

Construction of Emergency facilities, procurement and installation of the medical equipment in "KAT" hospital, in Athens, total area 7.000m², year 2004

Renovation of Civil and Electrical-Mechanical Installations and procurement of medical equipment of Emergency Facilities Unit of "EVANGELISMOS hospital, in Athens, total area 1.950 m², year 2004

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